Why The IFOA?

Why the Institute for Optimum Aging (IFOA)?

Your health care provider has directed you to the IFOA for your nutritional supplement support for the following reasons:

  • Pharmacy Grade Ingredients & Manufacturing: Unlike pharmaceuticals, the manufacturing of nutritional support products remains unregulated and the result is a marketplace of products with varying ingredient quality and manufacturing standards. All of the products supplied by the IFOA are manufactured in facilities meeting pharmaceutical grade practices in both ingredient selection and manufacturing methods which guarantees the highest quality and the potency represented on the label.
  • Science-based formulations: Unlike most supplement websites, the IFOA only offers a very limited number of products. Your physician has chosen the IFOA because the IFOA only provides products whose use is supported in the scientific literature and have been formulated in quantities and dosage that are safe yet potent enough to achieve the results demonstrated by the science. (There are no “window dressing” ingredients that allow for placement on a label but the dosage is so small that it has no scientific efficacy).
  • Highest Quality/Competitively Priced: Using the highest quality ingredients in science based dosages is certainly more expensive to produce. By directing you to the IFOA, you are able to purchase products at the most competitive prices and have them conveniently shipped directly to your home.
Home Delivery means better compliance: 

The key to the success of any medication or nutritional supplement regimen is ongoing compliance. It has been demonstrated that easy ordering and receiving your supplements shipped directly to your home dramatically increases compliance.