About Us

The Institute for Optimum Aging™ (IFOA) was founded in 2000 to provide physicians, professional healthcare practitioners, and their patients with the support and expertise to incorporate science based and clinically demonstrated lifestyle services into their daily lives.

It’s founder spent the prior two decades as the President and CEO of the world-renowned Pritikin Longevity Centers®. During his tenure with the Pritikin organization, he directed the clinical treatment of over 70,000 program participants using nutrition, exercise and nutritional supplementation as the primary treatment approach, complemented by an 11 physician staff of board certified internists, cardiologists and endocrinologists. The results from these programs were published in more than 80 peer-reviewed medical journals demonstrating that carefully designed lifestyle support programs could dramatically reduce heart risk factors, normalize blood sugars, reduce and/or eliminate both medication requirements and many symptoms and most importantly return to people the energy and vitality that can significantly improve one’s AQ.

This unprecedented experience in lifestyle change and optimum aging programs, once only available in costly residential programs, has now been brought to the IFOA. By teaming up with your primary healthcare provider, you now have the benefit of the highest quality healthcare experience to help you improve your AQ and live your life in your prime.